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At Aspis, our passion is helping people protect themselves against life’s surprises through personalized insurance plans and strategies. With a combined education in financial services and in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing insurance industry landscape, our advisors can help provide you with solutions for your unique situation.

For Private Companies:

  • Family Succession Planning
    • A family-owned business is something to be proud of. Through the Family Succession Plan, we work to ensure that the business survives into successive generations. An effective Succession plan must account for wealth transfer taxes and a well-thought-out ownership succession plan.

  • Non-Family Succession Planning
    • Businesses that have a close group of owners that are not related are referred to as non-family owned businesses. A Non-Family Succession plan will provide orderly disposition on each shareholder's interest because of the death, retirement, disability, divorce, bankruptcy, or sale of the business of the shareholder’s ownership interest.

  • Buy-Sell Agreements
    • A well-designed buy-sell agreement will put to paper the current desires of all of the owners and will address the key issues such as valuation and potential events such as death, retirement, sale of the business, and other voluntary or involuntary life events.

  • Key Employee Retention
    • “It takes a village to raise a child.” - African Proverb. In many cases businesses are like a small village. To grow successfully, all of the employees, apart from ownership, must be cared for. We offer plans which provide for the retention and reward of key employees, often the life blood of the success for a small business.

  • Medical Coverage & Ancillary Employee Benefit Plans
    • Providing employees with broad based and competitively priced employee benefit plans is critical. The most often provided benefit plans include: health care, disability, dental, vision, prescription and life insurance.

  • Retirement Plans
    • Apart from Social Security benefits, most small and large businesses provide their employees with a retirement plan such as 401(k), defined benefit pension plans and SERP’s (Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan).

  • Premium Financing
    • The ultimate goal of a properly structured premium financing plan is to leverage up large face amounts of coverage using bank funds and pay off that loan in a 10-15-year period, all resulting in maintaining a large death benefit for life.

For Public Corporations:

  • Banks
    • Over 64% of all Banks in the United States have Bank Owned Life on their financial statements. Banks use BOLI to recover their long-term employee benefit plans costs while enjoying tax favored benefits and yield enhancements on their financial statements.

  • Insurance Companies
    • Like Bank Owned Life Insurance, Insurance Companies are also deploying a similar form of insurance called Insurance Company owned Life Insurance. ICOLI is an investment vehicle that helps insurance companies optimize risk adjusted returns and offset the aggregate costs of employee benefit plans

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